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30 days challenges–Zelda style

Day 1: Your favourite game
Day 2: The item you would most like to use in real life
Day 3: A character you would love to be friends with
Day 4: The place you would live if you had the chance
Day 5: The toughest dungeon/temple
Day 6: Your favourite Link
Day 7: Your favourite Princess Zelda
Day 8: The Sage you would love to be
Day 9: The NPC you would most like to be able to attack
Day 10: The game that introduced you to the series
Day 11: The temple/dungeon you enjoyed the most
Day 12: The race you would like to be
Day 13: Your favourite villain
Day 14: The best game opening
Day 15: The game that was the biggest disappointment
Day 16: Your favourite mode of transport
Day 17: The instrument you enjoyed playing the most
Day 18: A cut scene you wish had been in your favourite game
Day 19: Your favourite enemy
Day 20: The best overworld
Day 21: The boss that gave you the most trouble
Day 22: A puzzle that stumped you for ages
Day 23: A great sidequest
Day 24: The most useful sidekick
Day 25: The game with the best story
Day 26: A piece of music you love
Day 27: The enemy that drives you insane
Day 28: The most useless weapon
Day 29: The best game ending
Day 30: Your favourite crack pairing

Challenge 2:

Day 1: The game you were most hyped for
Day 2: The rarest Zelda item you own
Day 3: Your least favourite villain
Day 4: The dungeon/temple with the best music
Day 5: The NPC with the best story
Day 6: Suggest one improvement for your least favourite game
Day 7: The game with the dullest plot.
Day 8: A great piece of official art
Day 9: If you could have a piece of the Triforce which would it be and why?
Day 10: Your least favourite Link
Day 11: Your least favourite Princess Zelda
Day 12: The easiest game.
Day 13: Your favourite sword
Day 14: A theory about the LoZ world you’ve created and/or think could be true. (Eg: A fourth Triforce piece).
Day 15: A minigame you loved
Day 16: Your favourite piece of fanart
Day 17: The game with the best controls
Day 18: A cut scene you enjoy watching again and again
Day 19: One new feature you think future LoZ games should have.
Day 20: The character you can relate to the most.
Day 21: The game you had the most trouble beating.
Day 22: An item you enjoyed using.
Day 23: The game with your favourite graphic style.
Day 24: The scariest enemy
Day 25: A side quest you never completed
Day 26: A character who is overrated.
Day 27: An item more useful than people give it credit for
Day 28: The game you enjoyed a lot more than you expected
Day 29: The most disappointing game ending.
Day 30: The NPC (apart from Zelda) you would consider dating

Bonus Challenge.
Day 1 – Create a room for a dungeon/temple. Either provide a drawing or a description (or both)
Day 2 – You gain access to the Sacred Realm and touch the Triforce. The Goddesses will grant you one wish, what will it be?
Day 3 – Design a new item for Link to use.
Day 4 – We all know a Temple of Light isn’t playable in Ocarina of Time but if it was what kind of boss would it have?
Day 5 – If Link spoke in the games, what’s the first thing you’d want him to say?
Day 6 – Create a new sidekick for Link.
Day 7 – You have to spend 24 hours in a cabin with either Tingle, Kaepora Gaebora or the Happymask Salesman. Who would you choose?
Day 8 – Whilst playing you encounter a room full of redeads and a room full of iron knuckles, each with a deep pool in the centre. You can only progress through one of the rooms and the only items you have are deku nuts (as well as a sword). Which room will you attempt and how will you get through?
Day 9 – Create a new minigame. What would be the prize?
Day 10 – Come up with a (very) short story using the words Link, Redead, Hookshot, Escape, Empty Bottle and Fairy.
Day 11 - Place all the LoZ games in the order you enjoyed them. Favourite to least favourite.
Day 12 – You are now married to the NPC you would have considered dating in challenge 2 (if you didn’t get that far think of an NPC). However, you find out your love has been cheating on you. Which other NPC is it with and how will you deal with it?

Of course, I haven't made this. I just want to answer them sometime. =) I found them on facebook. And there is nno way I'm answering them on my facebook. >=(

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An Annual Bonfire Night

Title: An Annual Bonfire Night

Author: yet7

Fandom: Super Junior

Rating: PG

Pairings: None

Genre: Humor, supernatural

Summary: Every year a few horror characters meet up with their “club” on Halloween and celebrate it with a bonfire. This year turned out to be a bit special as president Ryeowook leads willing members to look for Sir Zhou Mi’s missing head.

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Writer's Block: Far and away

Describe your dream vacation.
It's sunny, and I have Internet connection, a beach and a pool or the sea - does not matter which, and I don't need to feel any pressure whatsoever. And I won't feel forced to go sightseeing. *cringe* Just pure relaxation.

Or just a visit to my relatives in the north in the summer. Nice weather, pure relaxation, don't have to do anything. They do all the neccessaties for me! I am spoiled rotten those weeks.

Just no beach or pool. There is a lot more trees. But I can fish in the river instead. =)